Naked Instinct explores the type and kind of relationship we have towards technology, our sometimes fraught and often mesmerised approach we have with it and the way it connects, interrupts and delights us in everyday life.

Naked Instinct is conceived, written and directed by Tom Flemming.

Tom writes about our relationship with and around technology. He is a seasoned product specialist, writer and consultant whose work brings together methodologies, practises and principles from design thinking, service design and user experience architecture.

In a practice which spans more than two decades Tom has collaborated with founders, organisations and their brands across sectors from biotech to fashion, entertainment, fintech, sports, travel and future technologies.

He is pushing the envelope of how we create and experience the technology we surround ourselves with. His work includes utilising machine learning to create explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) to help transform the drug development process in biotech, creating the web3 learning experience for young students in the US and working with the BBC on the future of streaming media.

Tom has written & directed independent work which has been showcased by the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Digital Art in Austin in Texas as well as the Sundance Film Festival.

Tom is an alumni of the Royal College of Art. He lives in London and works with clients internationally.